Thursday, March 29, 2012

Paris: News & Views

A plethora of flora by Christopher Kane.
Because I love you, I plan to drive to Paris right-this-minute and take pictures on the street. It's been a while as you know so it will be difficult to put myself out there. Here's hoping the Parisians are in a good mood -- they should be, the weather is exquisite.

Now on to the task at hand, this week's this and that:

Cutting Back the Flowers
For those who thought there was no such thing as too many flowers. Divide and conquer I would suggest. By Celine.
In a recent interview for my book with a renowned French stylist, she remarked that the only way she would consider wearing the season's floral trend would be either in pants or "maybe a coat."

She is in our age group with a lovely figure of course, but said she couldn't imagine wearing a flowered jacket for example or a shirt -- "it's banal, predictable," she added, waving off the notion with a flick of her her perfectly manicured hand.

One thing for certain, no matter what one's age, who would really consider being a head-to-toe bouquet? I mean really.

Just Because. . .
So pretty. . . by Agnès b.
I think this dress is girly, feminine, ageless, so perfect in every way -- and yes, Mad Men-ish -- that I had to show it to you. Note the nude shoes, bare legs, all so understated-ly elegant. No embellishments necessary.

Rounding Out the Season

As I mentioned yesterday, round sunglasses are the spring/summer musts.

From Rims & Goggles
Of course we're not limited to only the tinted circles, one could put his or her prescription into the frames, but round is difficult for many face shapes. In most cases it's probably best to invest solely in the lunettes de soleil.

Subtle & Stylish
Why I didn't buy this bag after I photographed it, I will never know. I've also forgotten the price except to say it was very reasonable for beautifully woven leather.
If you'll be in Paris this summer and you consider Galeries Lafayette an essential destination once in situ, may I suggest that you investigate the department store's eponymous label. The prices are right, the designs the latest and the greatest, and they're well made.

I defy anyone to doubt the tote above doesn't come out of a haute house with a big name label.

Catching the Weaves (I know, pathetic right?)

Prada and Massimo Dutti.
Ballerines tressées look new and now and impeccably summer chic. Do you agree?

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