Saturday, April 28, 2012

A French Country Weekend

Fields of colza (rapeseed).
As you know, we live in the countryside west of Paris which puts us in the middle of farmland surrounded by the Rambouillet forrest dotted with small towns and villages. Yes, bucolic seems appropriate.

As the seasons change so do the fields and for me spring is always the most thrilling. All around us as far as the preverbal eye can see are fields of colza (rapeseed) for canola oil or, according to My-Reason-For-Living-In-France, more likely to feed the cows. Next up the same fields will be planted with corn, which out here is definitely grown for livestock and not for human consumption.

In the meantime I'll appreciate my frissons of pleasure as I pass the glorious golden vistas.

Off to the market to see what looks good, then will cut bouquets of lilacs that despite the chill temperatures decided to open their buds.

Oh yes, for breakfast today. . . I had my morning glass of water with fresh lemon juice (just in case it's good for me);  two kiwis peeled and cut in bite-size pieces -- that's the way I like to eat them (are you bored yet?) -- three pieces of cereal/whole grain bread with a little butter and natural apricot jam from the health food store, i.e. no sugar added; and a grand cafĂ© au lait.

Et voila! I guess that's why the blog books tell us not to write about what we ate for breakfast.

A demain my dear friends.

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