Sunday, April 8, 2012

Next Week or La Semaine Prochaine

This week is very busy for me, so once again I've called upon my friends for help and they have come through with exciting, fun, informative, i.e. "value-added" posts for us. You will be entertained; I promise.

In no particular order, the calendar will look something like this:

Drainage, the third in Marsi's series.

April in Paris, the second in the series from the brilliant creator of The Vivienne Files.

A Giveaway which is ab-so-lute-ly fab-u-lous. I'd like to win, but rules are rules. . .

News & Views, This & That

On-the-Street. This exercise proves how much I love you because last week while attempting -- operative word, "attempting" -- to take pictures in Paris I had four refusals. Admittedly that's rare, but still. It makes it more difficult for me to put myself out there.

One woman said she so hates the Internet that she doesn't have an e-mail address. She will use a computer and e-mail for work, but nothing else. She believes there are evil forces at work in the blogosphere. Maybe she's right.

Cold and sunny here. I hope you are having a beautiful day and eating lots of chocolate.

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