Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nobody Does It Beurre

Normany cows, arguably responsible for the best butter in the world.

My darling Marsi is back today with a delicious idea. . .

Is there anything in the whole wide world better than French butter? The delicately sweet, creamy, dreamy kind that comes from Normandy, studded with crunchy bits of fleur de sel? Of course not, and it's one of the things I miss most about France.
Glorious French butter with fleur de sel.
The last time I was in France, I fell in love with the delicious baguettes from our neighborhood bakery in the Alps, and every day could hardly wait to get back to my friends' darling appartement, bread still warm in my hands, to slather up with beautiful, delicious, perfect French butter.

Bread worth standing in line for:
Au Fournil d'Etienne, in Gap (French Alps)
Fortunately, it's not difficult to approximate this marvel at home.

Soften half a pound of this ...

Mix in a teaspoon of that ...

Hello, gorgeous.

All that's missing (le sigh) is the view ...

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