Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Welcome to "Za" VOICE!

Television is not one of my major vehicles of entertainment. In fact, I almost never watch the thing except for the news.

However -- and I'm not even ashamed to tell you -- I am obsessed, yes, there is no other word for it. I'm obsessed with "The Voice" or, because that "Th" thing going on with the "the" in the title, the program's participants and announcers refer to it as Zaa Voice. "Th" is verrrry difficult for French speakers.

May I quickly point out that the "za" for the "the"pronunciation is a fact and most definitely not a criticism. Heaven knows, someone who speaks French the way I do would be the last to throw stones.

Now, as I was saying. My obsession has culminated in the selection of my absolute favorite candidate as "Za Voice!" Some started referring to him as a crooner, but he is also capable of opera and tear inspiring emotion. He seems as well to be self-effacing and reserved. At 24 he is a born charmer which always adds that little extra something to a performer's performance.

For all those reasons, I thought maybe you might like to hear Stephan Rizon sing. If you're familiar with the show, you know that each of the singers has a coach. Stephan's was Florent Pagny who has an exquisite voice when he chooses to use it.

Above he sings with Pagny. Unfortunately I couldn't find a video. I also wanted to have you see and hear him sing New York, New York, but to no avail.

I hope you are as entertained and maybe even enchanted as I was (am). You'll let me know I hope.

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