Friday, January 13, 2012

My New Shoes

No point in not being frank: I went berserk. Yes I did. I've got a thing for ballerinas and when they're marked down 50 to 60 percent. . . Well, I just can't help it. I try, really I do, but I can't.

Here are two pairs I bought from my favorite boutique in the town next to ours. (I'll photograph the others and show you next week.) To be perfectly honest, I didn't buy them only for me. Andrea will have some too.

If you do not already know about Anniel shoes, they are the Repetto of Italy i.e., originally made for dancers. The quality is excellent, the price somewhere around one-third to sometimes one-half of Repettos. Whereas Repetto runs small for its size, Anniel runs somewhat larger. They are a dream to wear, sublimely comfortable.

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