Monday, March 19, 2012

French News & Views

Caven for spring.
The photo ops and news bites from the French press, plus bits of this and that I'm learning in my interviews are a splendid way to start the week I think. I hope you agree.

Since the disparate parts do not a smooth story make, here come the headlines. . .

A Possible DIY Project?

These ultra feminine sling-back souliers are from Carven. The bows are so girly. Even for someone like me with absolutely no discernible DIY talents, I think I could tie two bows. Then again if they come untied the situation would probably be an accident waiting to happen.

Where Are All the Spring Coats? 
Princess style Audrey coat from Boden
In a recent conversation with a friend who was searching for the elusive topper, we jointly came to the conclusion that the spring coat appears to be an elusive dream. Oh yes, there are trenches and raincoats and they come in bright colors if that's what we want, but they're not spring coats -- not like the ones we had when we were little girls.

Then, while randomly flipping through one of my magazines I saw an ad for Boden. It's a British label  and I've never heard of it. I headed over to the website and found the sweet navy "Audrey" pictured above. I think that constitutes a legitimate spring coat. Unfortunately it's cotton, I would have preferred a light wool, but it does have a cheery flowered lining.

Less Invasive Than Botox
A few color choices.
Apparently it's the latest trend -- bangs without the commitment. It's a new service offered by the painfully trendy salon, Didact Hair. The real hair fringes clip in (looks complicated to me, but what do I know), and are custom cut and colored to flatter the complexion and face shape of each client.

DIY bangs -- no wait, no worry.
The price: 65 Euros for the cut, color and "pose" -- i.e., the stylist clips them on and you believe in magic.

They cover up what lots of botox fills up.

Trompe L'Oeil
A brand with a sense of humor, B&D "Big City" sport/utility shoes.
If you're searching for the world's most comfortable black stiletto. Look no more.

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