Thursday, March 22, 2012

Le Printemps Transition

Love the collar, love the color, from La Redoute.
What a fickle season, spring. It's not cold exactly; and it's definitely not hot. Some days it feels like spring with a glorious warm sun until late afternoon when the weather turns quite cold again. What's a girl to do?


We're unspeakably bored with our winter garb, tired of heavy scarves, boots and snugly warm hats. Nature has moved on and that's exactly what we wish to do. The time has come to move with bold statements, and small pamperings into the new season. It's good for the morale. Therefore in a two-part series I would like to suggest 10 ways and means to bring spring into your psyche and into you wardrobe.
A drawer full of scarves I couldn't resist at Galeries Lafayette.
1.) Trade in heavy winter scarves for something light and bright.

Burberry -- of course.
2.) What about a raincoat in an unexpected color. This year they are everywhere at myriad price points. Surely you can find one that fits your budget and enlivens your wardrobe.

Send your winter coats off to the dry cleaner. When they return, check for lose buttons and any mending they may need so they'll be in perfect condition next fall.
A delicious body scrub. 
3.) A complete head-to-toe gommage to sluff off dry winter skin and prepare to bare in the months ahead. If you're brave, and living in an "advanced" climate it might be time to put away your opaque tights and for those with light skin the moment may have arrived to consider a self-tanner on your legs.
Anniel ballet flats.
4.) Trade in your boots for a colorful pair of ballerines. Now is the moment to take your boots to your shoe repair person. Before you put them into hibernation for the next several months, make certain they are clean and polished. Fill the interior with tissue paper and perhaps a lavender sachet and store in a dry, dark corner of your closet.
April, May, June -- what fun.
5.) Nail polish. There is nothing quite like the "cheap" thrill of pretty toes and fingertips. I have a pedicure appointment on Friday. So exciting.

I'm off to Paris. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the forsythia is about to burst into full bloom --  all is right with the world.

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