Monday, January 23, 2012

A French Dog's Birthday

Today, Macha is celebrating her 15th birthday!

She was the only girl in the litter and was promised to me by a good friend of ours long before she was born. Her mother was one of the sweetest dogs ever and I said to our friend, if Yanna ever has puppies do you think I could have a girl? The day Macha was born he called and said she was mine.

I'm going to call him today to thank him again. Macha has brought so much joy into my life. She's cool, tender, no-nonsense and extremely funny. While Charlotte requires lots of physical contact including hugs, Macha simply needs to know where I am at all times and will occasionally sit next to me and accept my fawning with bored tolerance. She knows I need it.

She will have a hamburger for dinner tonight, as will Charlotte. It will be a birthday party after all.

A demain mes cherest amis.

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