Tuesday, January 24, 2012

News, Views, Remerciements & A Winner

The label says "Karl," the designer is the only-and-only and the collection is available exclusively through the Internet.
It's been a while since I've pulled together a collection of the latest and the greatest -- a discretionary call on that one -- or at the very least news and views.

Since the bits and pieces are all over the place, let's dispense with convoluted transition sentences and use my two favorite forms of communication: lists and headlines.

And we're off. . .

Macha Was Deeply Touched
She asked me to thank all of you profusely for your kind birthday wishes yesterday and to tell you she had a lovely, quite celebration at home with the family and enjoyed her hamburger, while suffering through way too much hands-on public displays of affection (she's discrete) all followed by a very good night's sleep.

A Brilliant Idea

Claire Vidal, who like many women, particularly Frenchwomen, has suffered for the sake of fashion decided enough already. As she watched other women (and herself) trotting along the streets of Paris in haute heels and grimaces she decided it was time to find a panacea for the pain. Et voila, her brilliant idea: super cushy innersoles to slip into stratospherically high heels -- or any uncomfortable shoes for that matter. She named her new company, Red Carpet.

But, she didn't stop at the utilitarian. No indeed. She saw no reason not to make the inside of one's shoes as trendy as the outside with a range of colors and even leopard motif semelles.

They ring in at 29 Euros. If you're intrigued, click here.

And The Winner Is. . .

The winner of the Detox tea from Kusmi Tea is Joni Nawrocki. Please e-mail me your mailing address and I shall pass it along to Kusmi. (tishjett@yahoo.com)


Starting Tomorrow

Karl Lagerfeld's new line of ready-to-wear featuring his latest label, "Karl," will be available on
net-a-porter. The collection of some 100 pieces priced from 60 to 300 Euros will be offered only through the Internet.

Karl, as we all know, is an advangardist who has nothing against technology, tiny images of himself in Christmas windows, his svelt form replicated in a palette of eye shadows and his silhouette on Coke Lite bottles. He has arrived at that exalted position where he can do anything and it never tarnishes his reputation -- from the haute couture to the hoi polloi. No easy feat.

From what little I've seen of the collection (very little) I think I'll take the collar and call it a day. I hope it comes in white.

And, that's all she wrote -- for today.

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