Sunday, May 27, 2012

Next Week or La Semaine Prochaine

Since I have major interviews on my calendar for next week I thankfully have a lot of help from my friends to keep us entertained in this space.

Here's the way the days ahead are shaping up:

1.) France's "Premiere Dame" (unmarried). It appears the saga is getting more interesting (read complicated).

2.) The final installment of wardrobe suggestions for the mothers of the betrothed by my friend Janice creator of the brilliant blog The Vivienne Files.

3.) Now that you have assessed our closets, Marie-Therese Norris will tell us what we do next. I suspect it might be painful.

4.) Maybe Marsi. . . She said "maybe," but I have no confirmation.

5.) News & Views

6.) A French Country Weekend.

7.) The Weekly Line-up.

Weather report: Exquisite. Warm temperatures, sun, sun, sun, every so often a light breeze. The birds are wildly happy talking amongst themselves, the dogs are sunbathing and we're about to have lunch in our gazebo. All is right with the world.

I hope you're having a perfect day.

A demain my darling amis.

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