Tuesday, January 31, 2012

French Health Issues

It seems to me the extra added boost of vitamin B6 might make a  huge difference in the results.
Years ago I discovered the French seem to have an addiction to magnesium. Magazine articles, bottles strategically displayed in pharmacies, television ads and often in conversation, the merits of the mineral are exalted for their rejuvenating properties. A French doctor and nutritionist, Kathy Bonan, even managed to get a publisher to buy an entire book on the subject, Les Secrets de la Force du Magnesium.

Magnesium and miracle both start with the letter "m" which, by my estimation, if the little white capsules  truly do what they're touted to do, they must certainly be some kind of miracle. Supposedly we can count on a month-long "cure" (we're big on extended cures over here) to alleviate fatigue, cramps of any sort, joint pain, anxiety, irritability and a general baisse de moral (the blues or the blahs if you will).

Obviously, I had to get some. I've self-diagnosed myself with anxiety and a very mild case of the blahs. So, yesterday I headed out to our local pharmacy to buy a miracle in a bottle. This is how the conversation transpired with my friend and pharmacist, Christine.

I took the first capsule last night. I'll be back to you with a report on the new, improved me after my month-long cure.
Moi: I would like some magnesium please.

Christine: Why?

M: Because I read in Elle it's the ultimate legal "drug" that promises energy, calm, bliss, etc.

C: That's nonsense. You don't need it.

M: Of course I do.

C: No you don't.

M: Well, let's just say I want it. I'm a believer. Is it dangerous?

C: No, it's not dangerous, but you could eat 20 unsalted almonds and a couple of squares of dark chocolate and voila, all the magnesium you need.

M: There are calories in those forms of magnesium.

C: OK, I'll get you one I've used.

M: You see!!! You admit it. You've taken magnesium. Did it change your life?

C: Yes I did and no it did not.

M: Do you think it will change my life?

C: No, it will not.

M: When and how do I use it?

C: With a large glass of water before bedtime.

M: Will it help me sleep, feel serene?

C: I doubt it.

M: Merci, I'll take it.

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