Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Fundamental Foundation Problem

It's simple -- yet complex. I have never found the perfect foundation product. There, I've said it.

Heaven knows it's not for want of trying and every time I read a beauty article I find myself in that "too many choices, too much information" situation where I'm incapable of making a decision. Do I want the reflective benefits of nacre, which you don't really see, but it's there and it reflects light and you look beautiful? Or don't I?

What's the deal with "anti-aging" foundations? Are they? And why and how?

Do I want cream, liquid, minerals, powder, cream/powder. . .? Honestly I don't know what I want. I want results. Is that too much to ask? Every other product in my repertoire is absolute perfection from my treatment creams to my creamy blush, but not my foundation. Never.

I've tried scores of brands from Chanel and Dior to L'Oreal and Cover Girl. One of my French friends swears by Cover Girl and has me bring it back to her from the States.

What I'm basically saying here is Help (!) Please tell me your favorites and why so I can move on. Truly I have many, many more important things to address at the moment and I'm just embarking on my magnesium cure so I have a lot on my mind.

Merci par avance. I'm off to Paris. It's bitter cold.

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