Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In Another French Tradition

Every Saturday when I do my major market shopping, i.e. fruit, vegetables, cheese. . ., as opposed to super market shopping for household cleaning products, water, milk and so forth, I always buy flowers. I put them in a bucket of water and take them to the cave (the cellar) to keep them fresh and on Saturday I make my bouquets. Not being a remarkable homemaker, this exercise is a delight for me. It is the compensation for all the necessary chores one is obliged to do. I could, and sometimes do, spend hours making bouquets for the bedroom, the living room, the dining room, the library, my office.

A magnificent Gallé solifleur vase.
Flowers are my great luxury and, as you know, a very, very French touch in the home. A single flower in a solifleur vase on a bed table is life changing. (OK, small exaggeration, but I find great joy in seeing a flower as the first and last things I see every day.) My point here: It's not necessary to spend a fortune on flowers, but the return on investment is enormous I find.

Simple, modern solifleur vases.
In the summer, of course, all of my flowers come from the garden and even now I have red berries I can add to the flowers or use alone.

This week I bought three bunches of white anemones. I love anemones. This is one of my -- extremely simple as you can see -- bouquets in a mercury glass vase.

A demain.

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