Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Fashion Challenge

Jean-Charles Castelbajac whom I ordinarily hate, but this snappy jacket is just what a late winter wardrobe needs.    Imagine it with the Mulberry bag below. I know, isn't it fab-u-lous? (I'm taking the pants as well. . .)

Recently I was asked to choose five (!) and only five items of apparel and/or accessories that I would buy right this minute. In other words, something that would add zest to an existing wardrobe -- mine -- and if the stars were aligned, on markdown with my size still waiting for me.

All this is alas virtually speaking, but even so I must admit I had a very, very, very difficult time culling down to five. (When the post on my choices appears on Women's Voices For Change I will let you know.)

My dream bag, the Mulberry Alexa.
Still, the nagging feeling that I left some really good pieces in the dressing room has finally summoned me back to pick them up on the sly.

Ralph Lauren. Isn't this coat elegant?
Unfortunately with my current social calendar I didn't even choose from the myriad delicious evening gowns out there -- to do so would have been a waste of my virtual budget and I like to think of myself as practical, yet whimsical, ever elegant, yet practical. I want bang for my Euro even if we're playing in Fantasyland.

Celine. I'm assuming -- well it's my blog after all, I can assume anything I wish --that all three pieces count as one. That's how I'm counting them. It's called "new math."
Celine. Another one of those not easy to find, but perfect LBDs to add to the closet . If only. . .   I could wear it with either of the coats and the jacket and, of course, the Mulberry bag would give it just the snap (!) it might need on occasion.
Here then are the clothes, and the one accessory, that got away.

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