Friday, January 6, 2012

Spot On. . . Spot Off

If you're going to do it; now's the time.

I'm talking about liver spots, or age spots, or sunspots or "freckles" -- that makes them sound almost cute. 

I thought about showing you spotted hands, but decided this liver-spotted Dalmatian -- looking very serious about that or some other problem -- makes the point far more poignantly.  Funny how animals can be darling even with liver spots.

Life has calmed down now and you can carve out time to have your hands zapped -- or your whole body if you've decided a decision is a decision and you might as well go with it. If you're hesitating for one reason or another simply pick up the phone and make an appointment with your dermatologist.  

Just think how thrilling it would be to have such a rendezvous on your spanking new 2012 calendar:  "February 2nd: Laser my whole body  (with an extra couple of appointments for my hands) to its former youthful luster," for example. Doesn't it make you quiver with excitement? Just think, the new spot-free you?

'Tis the season because unless you live in some tropical paradise or in a country where the seasons are opposite (you know what I mean), the sun is at its all-time low intensity.  Unfortunately the little faux freckles come back, so you have to be vigilant and extra generous with the SPF 50/60 cream, on your hands in particular.  

I don't know about where you live, but in France dermatologists perform the procedure from October to March, never in the summer.

You have the choice of two methods, the expensive one, lasers, or the more budget friendly, cryotherapy or the use of extreme cold through sources like dry ice.

Do not be duped by creams and lotions that promise spot removal. Not one does. You'll note if you read the label with care -- or ask your dermatologist -- the disclaimer, "fades" skin discoloration. Who cares?

I have a few spots on my hands, just enough to be annoying and make me not wear some of my favorite rings, but happily none on my face. I'm opting for the dry ice. I plan on making my appointment next week. After the mission is accomplished I'll tell you all about it, most particularly if the ratio of discomfort to results was worth it.

A small sampling of the myriad possibilities in what we called in the biz IMPORTANT pieces. Isn't it simply beyond divine that cocktails rings are so white hot in? 

Just imagine the cocktail rings we could wear with our new hands. The idea is beginning to seduce, n'est-ce pas?


Ed. Note: I know I promised the final chapters of the Faces Through the Ages series, but for reasons beyond my control I was obliged to bump it to next week. I promise it's worth the wait.

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