Thursday, January 5, 2012

Detox: This & That

Juniper berries.

It appears we are all -- more or less -- concerned about entering the new year with, let's not call them "resolutions," but rather "good intentions."

French Elle has advice that could help us move painlessly in that direction. Here then, are a few ideas from the pros:

 Bouillon, bouillon, bouillon. Make it part of a detox regime. Best if homemade. (As you have pointed out, you can control salt and avoid the nasty stuff listed on the ingredients labels that make no sense and are most certainly not giving us extra vitamins, minerals and good health.)

Homemade chicken bouillon.

Since most of us eat chicken, try this recipe:

In a large pot, toss in the chicken carcass, cover generously with water (3 liters), then add:

One carrot
One large leek
One onion "decorated" (stuck-in) with cloves
One large celery branch
One bay leaf
Thyme and parsely
Salt & pepper

Cook for three hours, let cool and remove all the fat that rises to the top. Then, pass your bouillon through a filter -- cheese cloth for example and I've been told coffee filters work well. You know far better than I.

Now you have the base. You can add various ingredients to your broth or drink it as is. Think about, strips of chicken, shrimp, vegetables a little rice maybe. It's your call.

 Spirelli de Gefu instruments which turn veggies into pasta.  I will own one no later than next week.
Just for fun, treat yourself to a Spirelli de Gefu, which will transform vegetables into "spaghetti."

Chew, chew, chew. According to the experts, and yes, I know, we've heard this before, but repetition for emphasis: every morsel of food that enters our mouth should be chewed between 20 and 25 times. Supposedly the mechanism releases enzymes that not only help in digestion, but also in weight loss.

On another register. . . If you can, think about a visit to a hammam with gommage  (a full body exfoliation).

Gommage Corps du Sable Noir from Anne Semonin --  where function meets fun.
I've done this. It's heaven. Recommended once a month. (I've never done it monthly. Unfortunately.)

Steam clean your face. You don't need a professional for this, just a bowl, hot water, a towel to build a little tent for your head over the bowl, three to four minutes and a few drops of essential oils like juniper berry or rose geranium.

When you decamp, spray your rosy fresh skin with a spritz of eau de rose or eau de fleur d'oranger which you always keep in the refrigerator at the ready, n'est-ce pas?

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