Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Re-learing How To Blush

Blushing once came naturally to me, to my great embarrassment.

 I was very, very shy for many, many years and blushing was my outward response to a terrifying world -- speaking in class, a compliment, a piano recital, an untoward word.

Nowadays I must buy my blush which is fine by me. I find natural blushes charming when I see them seep onto the cheeks of others, but I'd rather not share my feelings so blatantly if I can help it.

For years I used powder blush because I'm so pale and need that color boost. But those days are over as well. My feeling is the only way we can control the effect and keep it appearing natural is a cream and, I've found, not just any cream. I had one in a peachy tone after I acquiesced to a saleswoman who told me that was the only color that was right for me. It may have been a good choice when I have a slight tan, but that wasn't the problem. It was the hard texture of the cream that put me off the product. I had to drag it across my skin which I figured was not ultimately going to give me the blush of youth if I kept pulling my cheeks up, down and sideways.
Remember, Maybelline is now owned by L'Oreal which has perhaps the best cosmetic laboratories in the world.
Finally, unlike my foundation conundrum, I've found blush perfection. I'm warning you: it's not glamorous; has no sexy, expensive "look at me packaging;"  it's bargain priced and it works like a dream. When you open the little jar you think you're looking at an ever so slightly sparkly raspberry and cream souffle, my color at least -- "Rose Petal." As the name implies, Maybelline sees it more as a mousse.

The beauty of this "rouge" is that it can be applied slowly, softly, gently, layer upon layer until the apples of your cheeks look like you've come in from the ski slopes or maybe had a kiss that took your breath away. You decide how you wish to blush. Makeup experts will tell you that if you have oily skin, powder is a better choice. Seems logical. What I like about my mini mousse is that I think it makes me look rested and healthy.

You probably know this, but repetition for emphasis: smile -- see those sweet apple cheeks of yours (?),   use your fingertips to lightly dab the cream on them then blend upward along your cheekbone. Like any cosmetic product you must find the color that gives you the dewy flush we all love. Pinks and some peaches tend to work best with light skin tones and the various nuances on plums and wine on darker complexions.

That about covers the subject for me. You know I always love to hear what you have to say.

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