Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Gold Digger Considers Silver

Decisions, decisions. What to do about going gray -- or not?
If you don't know my pal, The Gold Digger,  it's never too late to discover a couple of the great joys of this fun-filled blogosphere we live in. Thankfully she has agreed to fill-in for me from time to time because I reallllly must get cracking on this book thing or I'll be in big trouble.

She writes so well and is very funny and has great ideas and from the paragraphs below she seems to like me so I'm more than pleased she'll be here and I'm sure you will be as well.

Here then. . . ta-daa is The Gold Digger!

I am so honored that Tish has invited me to be a guest blogger. I am not a fashion/style/beauty expert. Far from it. As I write this, I am sitting in my running clothes, which is not so bad, but it took me until 12:30 p.m. to change out of my pajamas. I will  be showered and dressed before 5:00, I promise.

[And I broke that promise. I was showered. But not dressed. Unless you count the new fluffy pink bathrobe that was a Christmas present from your sister as "dressed."]

Tish is good for me because she has motivated me to take a little more care with my appearance (despite today's attire) than I have been. When one is an unemployed gold-digger living off her used husband, it is hard to find the motivation to sparkle, although really, that should be the motivation right there - a gold-digger should try to keep her husband really happy, wouldn't you think? But thanks to Tish, I make more of an effort now. I even use the proper product for removing my eye makeup! Did you know you are not supposed to use just soap and water? I didn't. Not until Tish.

Here is my current fashion dilemma: What should I do about my hair? I am asking you because I have read the comments and visited the blogs of those who come here and I know I am in the presence of giants. Of women who Know These Things. I need your help.

My hair used to be blonde - naturally blonde - and then I stopped working as a lifeguard and a swimming teacher in the summer and had to stay inside all year.

Maybe that's not natural blonde. Maybe that's with an assist from the sun and the chlorine blonde. Then it became with an assist from John the stylist at the West University salon in Houston. Then I became a Peace Corps volunteer and you don't even want to know what happened then but it wasn't pretty. A 20 hour bus ride + a showing of "Ghost" on that ride = very bad hair decision for moi.

For the past several years, it has been Clairol Natural Instincts #24 Clove. I dallied with #22 Cinaberry for a while, but red is too hard to maintain and magenta-y red is even harder.

Now it is #24 Clove with gray roots. I used to color it because I wanted a change. Now I color because I am not ready to be drab with shots of gray.

This doesn't make sense to me, but it appears whoever made the chart has decided to fight nature.
But it is getting harder to cover the gray.

Lisa covered this issue a while ago, but she is 1. an actual blonde 2. going a nice silvery gray.

I am a used-to-be blonde turned mousy brown turned oh so drab with some steely gray at the part.

Spending $100 a month for a professional to color my hair is not an option. I am a gold-digger, but there is not that much gold to dig.

What do I do?

PS Come see me at my blog, The Diary of A Gold Digger, or at my other blog.

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