Monday, March 26, 2012

Le Printemps Transition: Part II

Buyer's remorse.  I bought the turquoise bangle -- why I don't know -- I don't even like the color turquoise. I should have bought the one on the right in deep coral.  Maybe they'll let me exchange.
Throughout the week, according to the TV weather lady, the sun will shine and temperatures will be "unseasonably warm." Since she's not in the business of telling her viewers what to wear, she neglected to note that late afternoon and evening feel more like late fall than early spring. In other words, sartorially speaking, we're between seasons which means we need to be prepared.

Still, I think we can agree we need some oomph in our wardrobes right-this-minute to make us feel light and spring-y.

Last week I suggested the first five of the Top 10 Must Haves (or possible options if you prefer) for right now. Today, the final five:
From Patagonia, but I chose it solely to give you an example of a peppy, preppy color.
A cardigan: Beyond logical n'est-ce pas? Under normal circumstances I would run out to find yet another in navy, black or gray, but no. I will not. I will break out of my comfort zone, maybe look for hot pink (maybe not), coral, Klein blue.

Belt from my latest discovery, Boden.
A belt: Not an investment accessory, just some colorful frippery. How about belting the cardigan above  with it? I'm a huge tone-on-tone fan. Some people I know think that's boring. I don't care what people think.

Triwa watches.

Either/or (or both): An indiscreet bangle and/or one of those candy colored (except for the gray) watches that look like you're playing dress-up.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers -- my all-time favorite.
Sunglasses: Obviously not classic, you already own them. Think lime, raspberry, red, yellow -- you get the idea.

This "jacket" is a hybrid -- a cross between a cardigan and a jacket. It also comes in navy or oatmeal, but I'm forcing myself to think pink, or in this case hibiscus. From the Eric Bompard spring collection.
A jacket: The right choice could be season-less.
Lime Sky Eyes sunglasses -- too cute.
Another Boden belt.

Is this fun or what, matching your sunglasses to your belt? With a soupçon of imagination the possibilities are endless -- raincoat, ballerines, cardigan, scarf. . .

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