Thursday, April 5, 2012

10 Accessory Essentials From An Expert

Earrings: Splenderosa, Gems on Glamour

Today, my great, great friend, Marsha, creator of the sumptuous blog and now -- too, too exciting (!) -- her new website  which will give pride of place to her divine jewelry collection, kindly agreed to tell us her 10 accessory essentials. 

The earrings above are a teaser for you. She didn't put them up there. I did; she is too modest. I want them.

1. Black Pashmina 

The luxurious cashmere, very wide, very long versions.

This piece can be tied around your neck during winter, wrapped around your coat for an extra layer of warmth when the wind chill is terrible, can be draped over your shoulder like the photo creating an air of drama to even the most simple of outfits, and takes care of the chill when dining out.

2.  Large Black Handbag


The best quality you can afford because if it's really good it will last forever, make it easy to carry over your shoulder, make it large enough to put your small black handbag inside, all your travel documents, makeup, Rx's, and even your poodle. 

You can go around the world with this handbag, it should dress up or down well.

3. Small Black Handbag

A sleek, refined & elegant bag, one which will take you to a dinner party, a cocktail party, to church, to a wedding, to a funeral.

4. Black High-Heeled Pump

Manolo Blahnik

A shoe to wear to dress up any outfit even a pair of great black slacks & a white shirt,
pop on the pashmina & the small bag, voila you're done.  

5. Black Ballerina Flats

Anniel ballerines

6.  Black Sandals

Dahlia sandals.

Wear with everything except a ball gown, even a casual long skirt, jeans, capris, Bermudas,

7. Black Tights

8. Long Narrow White Scarf

Same reasons as the pashmina, except this one can be tied around your head if you're having a bad hair day, thrown around your neck and dangling down the fronts of your blazer,
tied around a la Isadora Dunca it adds elegance

9. A Jacket

Vanessa Bruno

A leather one, bright pink or bright red, or even black in an unexpected shape close to the body, this one is by Kelly Wearstler, a tie-died leather, as the the entire ensemble which I love. 


Gold Hoops/Silver Hoops

Diamond Studs

Rope Necklaces, long pieces which can be doubled tripled or used as belts.
imagine how the outfit above would look with ropes of black crystal beads,
or a big chunky tribal piece?

These two stunning cuffs are from Marsha's collection. She didn't put them in this post. I did. And. I plan on ordering them.
The look of an outfit can be changed immediately with jewelry. I don't wear a watch when traveling, my phone tells me the time.


Over the years I've learned to totally lighten up on the apparel when traveling.
there's usually no one to help you with luggage and it's now expensive to check.
I use black and white with a pop of ONE color throughout the trip's various agendas.

Bring a whimsical pair of shoes which are really comfortable, add a scarf, or a colorful handbag.

Concentrate on how YOU look -- your hair, nails, toes, skin. If all this is beautiful and you wear black or white you will always appear perfectly attired and elegant.

If you are in your early 20's you don't need to read or listen to any of this
as I'm sure you'll have jeans & a great tee with one jacket.

Thank you to Tish for allowing me to pontificate on my strict fashion rules.


Ed. Note: No, no, no, thank you my dearest Marsha. 
Please everyone do click above. I promise you will want one (or more) of her designs. I plan on ordering several items. I'll tell you about them in another post.

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