Wednesday, April 4, 2012

On The Street Outside Paris

Outside Paris means about 50 kilometers, west of the city between Versailles and Rambouillet, which is real country -- not classic suburbs -- surrounded by the Rambouillet forrest.

Nestled inside the forrest circle are beautiful towns and villages. This is the one where we do our shopping, where Babette has her boutiques, Christine and Sophie have their pharmacie, Joelle and Jean-Jacques have their librairie, Clarisse has her patisserie and Claire has her boulangerie -- among other family-owned enterprises.

It is also the location for excellent photo ops as you can see. Out here it's much easier for me to approach my subjects because if one doesn't know me, another who does will convince her friend to "walk the walk" for my camera.

Among these photos, one woman is American which I didn't realize. She too is married to a Frenchman. Can you guess which one she is? I was sure she was French. As I re-look at the photos I think I could tell.

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