Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Town & Country: On-the-Street

Town and. . .
Trust me, it's not for want of trying. In fact, I've been in Paris every day this week and when I press the "publish" button on this post; I'm off to another interview today.

Here's the problem:  (apart from the four women who declined to be photographed last week) it's the weather. It's anything but picture perfect. For several days, we've had nothing but gray skies, chilly temperatures and rain, rain, rain. I'm assuming the garden is thrilled. Women on the streets of Paris are not. As I write this the sun is starting to emerge, if it holds for a few hours I'll see what I can do for you. But, since the weather lady predicted more and more rain I assume women will dress accordingly.

Thus, the promised post on the street does not have my usual selection. Maybe next week. . .

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