Thursday, April 12, 2012

Un Cadeau Pour Vous

For some time now, Jennifer Beaudet and I have been virtual friends. She is an artist whose  femininity infuses her charming work.

I am particularly drawn to her "vintage" women in the process of dressing, in their private bubbles of what appears to be preparations for an adventure of some sort. Somehow they seem to waver between hope and disappointment -- melancholy and anticipation.  I'm not an art critic, but those were the sentiments her paintings evoked in me and I find it fascinating when a work of art triggers an emotion.

In a recent conversation with Jennifer I asked her if she would allow me to offer one of her paintings as a special giveaway to you. To my delight, she said yes. In fact, she suggested a choice of cadeaux for the winner: either three of her prints or one of her small paintings. The winner may choose. Pictured here are her original paintings.

Tell me please if you would like to participate and then pop over to visit Jennifer and tell her as well -- that will double your chances. While you're there you could perhaps follow her and take a peek at her etsy shop. When you see the collection of her work and her artistic range, I think you too will be seduced.

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