Friday, May 4, 2012

Fantastic French Product (Another One)

You know how I love sharing everything with you . . .

Therefore. . . I would like to introduce you to my latest find. Actually, it was recommended by one of Paris's most famous epidermalogists (it's an invented word apparently, but that's what she is). She is not a dermatologist, but rather a biochemist. After consulting with her she told me I had sensitive skin -- news to me. I thought I had normal-ish skin.

Because of this discovery, on my part, I of course asked her to recommend products for me. Her first suggestion was Vichy Laboratories' Purete Thermale Démaquillant Intégral -- a 3 in 1 cleanser for sensitive skin.

It's creamy and luxurious feeling. The three in one means: cleansing milk, toner, eye-make-up remover.

She suggested using it in the shower at night before bed. On a day with lots of pollution and makeup she says wash twice with upward circular movements. As you may have surmised my "upward circular movements" are accomplished with the aid of my Clarisonic -- that equals more than a three for one in my opinion.
Hmmm, it says for "sensitive skin" right on the spritzer. I didn't even know I was using something I should be using.
The on the tube directions say to use with cotton pads. I do not. I use as a liquid "soap" and then rinse, first with tap water followed by whatever mineral water I'm using at the moment, Avène for example.

I have not given up my Bioderma, because I simply can't. It's too good and is more effective for eye makeup removal -- less tugging and if you get some in your eyes, since it's a baby product, you will not be miserable. I switch on and off between the two.

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