Thursday, May 17, 2012

A French Cosmetic "Miracle"

It's possible I may have found another one of those "can't live without" products.

As you know, I am desperately trying to pare down, but occasionally when I'm out and about I find something so exceptional that I would be a fool not to add it to the arsenal. I think I can assure you Clarins Instant Smooth Line Correcting Concentrate (Lisse Minute Concentré Comblant Anti-Rides) is one of those little miracles that will become a necessity.

Translation: It fills in lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores. Yes it does. It really does.

Instant Smooth comes in two forms/formulations: a sweet read jar cream and the click pen applicator. I have the pen which I'm told by a Clarins beauty expert is a more concentrated formula. As those of you who know me well, well know I tend to be of a more is more personality bent.
The cream version can be applied directly onto and into lines and creases and, I'm told if one so desires, all over the face. I prefer the pen. It's easy to use with its flexible "pen" head and liquid texture and distributes the product neatly and precisely into those pesky age revealers.

If you doubt me -- I mean if you have doubts -- here is what you do. You go directly to the Clarins counter in your nearest wherever and ask to examine the Lisse Minute sampler. Then, you turn your hand over thus exposing the lines on your palm. Next, you apply and tap, tap, tap, smooth the product into the line of your choice -- maybe the life line (?) -- and watch it disappear before your very surprised eyes.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I get the order of things all wrong. This is how it goes: day cream, Lisse Minute, foundation, etc. The cream can be mixed with foundation, but I have not tried this option -- yet.

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