Sunday, May 6, 2012

Next Week or La Semaine Prochaine

Since it seems I can't stop talking about what I eat for breakfast, I thought I would share again today. Yesterday at the market I found tiny baskets of plump, luscious blueberries. I ate an entire basket this morning and I made my wish -- the same one as yesterday with the raspberries. Surely it will come true if I wish upon two fruits.

A reminder: According to French lore, or at least according to one of my French girl friends, every time you eat a fruit for the first time in a new calendar year you make a wish. I'm looking forward to cherries, peaches, nectarines, figs (we have a fig tree), plums. . .

Today is election day in France and when one lives in a small village like ours voting is as much a social event as a civic duty. Neighbors, friends, complete strangers stand in front of the town hall chatting and gossiping, ever careful not to mention the names of the candidates. Many bring their dogs who are, of course, permitted into the voting both.

Now that I've rambled and digressed -- something I almost never do as you know. . . Here is what is on the calendar for the week ahead. It's sort of "iffy" for the moment as in there will be a daily post, but in what order and if some of my guests agree to participate this week instead of next week if you see what I mean.

1.) This bit is exciting though: Starting tomorrow I asked my Vivienne Files pal to begin a month-long feature on dressing for the mother-of-the-bride (and groom). The only brief I gave her was all the festivities are for "destination" weddings. And, you guessed it, all destinations are in France -- from Paris to the countryside by way of Versailles and glorious Provence.

2.) Marsi I hope will have something special for us. She is the ultimate "value-added."

3.) My feeling is that you're getting bored with the scarf series. I had planned two more, but think this week's will be the final chapter.

4.) Another surprise guest post.

5.) News & Views, This & That

6.) A French Country Weekend

7.) And full-circle back where we are today.

Weather report: Sweater necessary, sun unpredictable and timid, no rain -- yet.

I hope you're having a beautiful Sunday.

A demain mes trés, trés, trés cher amis.

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