Sunday, May 20, 2012

Next Week or La Semaine Prochaine

If all goes to plan -- don't you just love conversations that begin with that qualifier (?) -- next week should be a bounty of ideas and information. And, entertainment of course.

Potentially, this is the way things are lining up.

1.) Another installment of our Mother-of-the-Betrothed wardrobe for a wedding in France from my great pal, Janice, the creator of The Vivienne Files.

2.) A look at why we can't help loving British fashion, by an expert on the subject who has one of the best blogs in the blogospshere, That's Not My Age. Is it blog-o-sphere or blog-i-sphere? I'm never sure, but then again neither one is a real word I suppose.

3.) Perhaps (I hope) a French point-of-view on organizing our lives -- well, at least our closets.

4.) News & Views

5.) A surprise.

6.) A French Country Weekend.

7.) Next week's calendar.

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