Friday, January 27, 2012

A New French Survey

It seems to me it's about time for a new survey. Setting aside for the moment creams and elixirs (which many respondents, as you will soon see, refused to do) I asked several friends and acquaintances the following question: What do you do to stay young?

This is what they told me:

Danielle: A stretching class, English lessons, crossword puzzles, bicycling wherever I can and lots of creams which comfort me, but probably don't produce any results.

The Vichy Thermal Spa.

Marie-Claire: I just cut my hair and added thick bangs. I think I look younger. Two weeks in the Vichy thermal spa, swimming.

Isabelle: I laugh all the time and I write plays, always comedies. They have been produced in tiny local theaters. The work and the anticipation keep me young.

Michel: It's important to always have projects, aims in life. We're restoring our house at the moment which is a huge project. Also one must never be egotistical, if you care about others and think about their well-being you stay young.

Annie: I take classes. I need to learn new things. It's an adventure for me.

Claudine: Yoga, tai chi, stretching classes and I always, always think positively. I am positive by nature and I always find a way to make my mind go toward solutions to problems and not get too focused on the drama. Also argan oil all over my body.

Dany: Picking mushrooms in the Rambouillet forrest, eating really good, fresh food and very little meat. I go to practically every new exhibition in Paris.  I also cover my body with creams and lotions from head to foot even though I find it annoying.

Josianne: Swimming, golf, thinking positively as much as I can and a shelf-full of Nuxe treatment products.

Alain: Golf, bridge twice a week, scrabble, English classes, travel and looking at pretty women.

Maryanne: I do absolutely no sports, which I know I should, and I hate walking in the forrest so I try to compensate by sleeping nine hours and being active during the day. Since we have three houses it's not difficult to find things to do. And, of course I have more creams, lotions and serums than a parfumerie. Another thing, I put my makeup on first thing every morning. I have breakfast fresh-faced, but I don't feel 'dressed' without my makeup.

Fran├žoise: My first (and only for the moment) grandchild, painting classes and travel.

Anne-Laetitia: A happy marriage plus a neck lift and hyaluronic acid injections. (Ed. Note: Ahem.)

And finally, several said faire l'amour as often as possible. Nothing keeps you young better than that, they said.

What do you do to stay young?
Night. . .

and day.

Remember, we don't care about chronological age, we're talking heart and mind -- plus some serious upkeep. If you prefer your hyaluronic acid treatment in a more friendly formulation, don't forget my magic Eucerin cream. It's as close as one can get to a miracle in a jar.

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