Friday, February 10, 2012

Another French Pharmacie Find

These are the pills I'm taking. They're a very pretty baby pink. It makes me think that's strategic marketing, in other words no man in his right mind would consider popping one every morning for a month or more.
You may think I'm willing to try just about anything on my quest -- not for eternal youth,  no absolutely not -- but rather for an eternal "you certainly look good for your age, tell me your secret" appearance.

With two exceptions, you're probably correct. I'll test almost anything non-toxic. I am willing to try lots and lots of products, but not two major procedures. No facelifts or Botox for me thank you very much. However a neck lift and injectable hyaluronic acid are still on the negotiating table as opposed to the operating table -- for now.

Why do I bring up this subject you may be wondering. Let me tell you. I am now swallowing a shiny pink pill every morning with a large glass of water (followed immediately by my effervescent multi-vitamin tablet and a separate vitamin E capsule) as I was saying, that -- are you ready for this (?) is 150 mgs. of hyaluronic acid. Yes, instead of the classic in your face -- literally -- injections into deep crevices I thought it would be "fun" to see what happens by this route.

Actually I didn't even know the product existed until my friend and pharmacist Christine presented me with the box.  Our conversation:

Christine: Have I got something special for you!

Moi: I can barely still my beating heart.

C: I want you to do a cure with these pills I just bought for the pharmacy.

M: What? Now I'm some kind of lab experiment for you?

C: No, don't be silly. I know you love products and I thought of you when I ordered it.

M: Why did you think of me? Is it because you think I have wrinkles?

C: You're starting to annoy me.

M: Well, do you think I have serious wrinkles?

C: Here's the box, take the pills and report back.

M: Yes, but you're giving them to me because you really think I need them.

C: You don't need them. Just take them, OK?

M: OK, merci beaucoup.

The other -- traditional -- way to take hyaluronic acid. 
In one month I am supposed to see a 27 percent improvement in hydration and elasticity. In three months the results should be staggering. My skin is normal and I don't really know what elasticity means. Maybe it has something to do with the time it takes for the crease on my cheek from my pillow to disappear? Skin springing back from where it was or where it should be is a difficult concept for me to process.

I took my sixth pill this morning so it's way too early to see results. I'm glad she gave them to me because they ring in at 40 Euros which is a lot to spend on something that even she isn't sure works.

I'm completely ignoring a recent article in Elle which said that "probably" the only way hyaluronic acid works is when it is delivered by a syringe, not by a glass of water. I'm focusing on the word "probably" because you just never know. N'est-ce pas?

You do know I'll report back from the field.

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