Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Day In Paris

The Bon Marché
Except for our generalist, all of our doctors are in Paris. Yesterday it was a visit to the eye doctor followed by lunch, tea buying at the La Grande Epicerie -- perhaps the best store in all of Paris, my daughter is convinced it is -- lunch in the Cafe Bon Marché and shopping.

I imagine all  of you who visit Paris often from faraway places know the Grande Epicerie, but maybe you are not familiar with the Cafe Bon Marché on the third floor of the store. It is one of my favorite lunch spots in Paris, blond wood floors, high ceilings,white walls, brightly colored industrial lights in various sizes hanging from the ceiling, supremely comfortable tables and arm chairs, plus sofas for some of the seating and best of all, huge windows looking out across the roofs and tree tops which simply say, "I'm in Paris!" It's a great spot for people watching -- lots of smartly dressed Parisians -- and the food is not only delicious, but beautifully presented.

One of the scores of offerings at the Grande Epicerie which is conveniently across the street from  Bon Marché.
The daily menu at 18.50 Euros includes sparkly or still water, a hot plat de jour -- only one -- and a dessert. Apart from the single hot repast there is always a soup and an extensive choice of salads and swoon-worthy desserts a la carte as well as diet friendly choices like frommage blanc with fruit or fruit salad.

Yesterday not only was the people watching of the highest caliber, but also the dogs accompanying their mistresses were fashion forward. I took a picture of Rita, a French bulldog who was accessorized with a very stylish turquoise studded collar.

The Bon Marché is my favorite department store in Paris because, to me, it doesn't feel overwhelming like Printemps and Galeries Lafayette. The lighting is magnificent and it's open, airy, manageable.

As it turned out the only things we bought were two varieties of green tea one with tiny bits of agrumes (citrus fruit zests in this case) and the other with agrumes and peaches and yet another of my favorite Diptique candles, always Oranger.

And that was the day that was.

A demain for the Big Reveal.

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