Saturday, April 14, 2012

A French Country Weekend

Aren't they a handsome couple?
This morning on the way to market I saw farmers seeding their fields and not far from their tractors were families of pheasants. I love pheasants -- in the wild, living and breathing, if you get my point.

Of course, I slammed on the brakes, pulled over to the side of the road and started moving in for my photo op. By the time I reached the fields the pheasants were no where to be found. I've noticed they can fly if they feel so inclined, but somehow it seems to be an enormous effort to get all that weight into the air so usually -- I'm an avid observer or nature -- they just run. I suppose they don't doubt they can out run me so they were probably laughing while they were running.

Adolescents, exactly like the ones I saw this morning.
I've borrowed some pictures from nature sources because they depict exactly what I saw.

Weather report: beautiful, sunny, a tad nippy. Operative word, sun.

A demain mes tres, tres, tres chers amis.

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