Friday, April 13, 2012

Scarves et La Femme Française

While sitting in an outdoor café in Paris recently I decided to indulge in a small research project. I then followed-up to confirm the results by conducting a further study while sitting in my car waiting for my Reason-For-Living-In-France to buy a box of nougats. (I've begged him never to do that again -- they are too good to have in house.)

I digress. Actually, I was putting myself to the test and I have to say I aced the exam. Here's what I did: I decided to see if by only looking at the way scarves were composed -- because "tie" doesn't seem to do them justice -- I could tell which women were French and which were not. That is not to say I could tell what nationality the other women were, but I knew when they were not French.

You're probably thinking I should get a life. Right?

To prove my point, I've assembled a collection of my past photographs. All except one woman is French and I knew she wasn't when I snapped her picture. I suspect this time you won't be able to guess which one she is. There's a good reason why you may not find her, but I won't tell you now.

Oh, you might be asking yourself how I graded my exam. Simple. When I was sitting in the car, I opened the window to see what language they were speaking and those walking down the street I very carefully listened as they drew near to me.

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